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Safe Sport


A reminder that SafeSport is applicable to every member of NAHA - not just travel programs. If you are a rink and are running USA Hockey Programs, you need a SafeSport Liaison in your organization and all the SafeSport policies apply to you.

SafeSport Liaisons, Coaches, Managers, Locker Room attendants, and all club/organizatioin leadership: You must complete the online USA Hockey Safesport course before your participation begins. To take this traning:

If you are not currently SafeSport certified:

1.   Register as a USAH participant to obtain an individual member number for yourself. You can do this at the following link:

2.   Then go to the following link and register for online SafeSport training (the Training tab is on the right side):

If you need to take the course again, follow the same instructions above for new liaisons, but you may be eligible for the "Refresher" course, depending on when you originally took the training.

Have questions?  Refer to the "SafeSport FAQ" document below.

All SafeSport Liaisons, Coaches, Managers, Locker Room Attendants, and all club/organization leadership must also be screened (see the "Screening" tab on the Home page of this website).

Helpful Tools and Documents: